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Music Academy Success FAQs

One of the primary differences between MASS and other coaching programs is that Marty Fort still currently owns and operates his three schools. He is actively involved in every aspect of his businesses. Some business coaches sell their music schools, but continue coaching others. This is a handicap for them as they are not current on the latest trends and best business practices. So when you consider a coaching program, you should ask the prospective coach if they still own and operate their school. This is a pretty easy decision.

By going with a program run by someone who is still actively involved in their school you're going with the most relevant and up to date advice and guidance. Things change often and fast in the music school industry. One of the compliments MASS receives often is about its updates for MASS members which are given weekly.

Marty loves running his music schools and can show you how to have the same joy and passion for running yours!

Yes! We are the only program on the market that offers a ship now and pay later thirty day trial. Many music schools that are interested in MASS are strapped for cash. Having served schools of all sizes, from 4,000 students to 4 for over a decade we understand their needs.

We are the only program to offer everything we do with zero risk to you and we even cover the shipping. Once your application is approved you can even choose your own date for your first payment after the thirty day free trial.

No other program gives better terms for new members to get their school on the right track as we stand by our program and product.

We are the only program with over 10 years of experience and a twelve month 100% money back guarantee. Other programs may offer very short refund windows of 14 days, but we offer a full year to try out Music Academy Success.

No other program offers this. We will give you a full year to take your time and evaluate our program and put it into action. MASS will either fulfill your expectations or we will refund every penny.

Of course! As long as you don't receive a refund, you get a LIFETIME license to our materials and you can still access our information. We even give the materials to you in print and hard copy form, as well as digital for easy future reference.

We are the only program on the market to have two full time office team members to service our customers. Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm Eastern, they are here to answer any and all questions. If you need to cancel, just email us at It's that easy!

We answer every call live during operating hours so please reach out! Call or text us at (803) 917-1434

We encourage you to reach out to us to show you how QUICK we respond and how awesome our customer service is. Drop us a line to say hi and let's talk about how we can help your music school.

Want to get more music students? Want to learn how to GROW or build a music school?

Check out these frequently asked questions to find out why the Music Academy Success® program is the industry leader since 2008. MASS is the largest international coaching program just for music school owners.

We offer many things you can't get in other programs. Check out this brief video so you can see why we are the leading choice to grow or build a music school.

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