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MASS took my music school from 0 students to over 4,000! We achieved success very quickly with the program. When we joined we grew to a phenomenal 370 students in just 8 months! MASS has helped us tremendously in how to organize our business, promote and market the business and retain students. Our success is a testament to Marty's guidance on helping you achieve your goals. From detailed insight on day to day business dealings to bringing the "big picture" into focus, MASS gives you the tools you need to bring your vision to a reality. We couldn't have done it without Marty!

We've been with MASS since 2017, and have not looked back! We started in 2017 with 4 students, and as of today (end of 2021) we are sitting at almost 550 students, and growth is still steady. We'd recommend MASS to anyone looking to grow their teaching business, as well as offer a better product to their students!

I had been running a music school for over 10 years before I discovered MASS. Things were great for the first several years but then our student numbers began to decline. No matter what I did, year after year we lost more students than we gained. I was teaching 6 days a week until late at night and I couldn’t see any way out. Joining MASS opened up my mind to new ideas and better (much better) ways to run my music school. And I am finally getting more time for my wife and 2 sons. Thank you MASS! Thank you, Marty! My life is forever changed.

Thanks to the Music Academy Success System (MASS), in 2021, we started with 540 clients and ended the year with 742 reaching $1.25 Million in gross sales! I have a large support group to share ideas, ask questions, and get inspiration. I am a phone call away from Marty, the MASS owner, for any questions/issues I encounter as a business owner. The knowledge I learn each week gives me more and more confidence in everything I do.

Why do you not have a mentor with experience guiding you in the same field your business is part of? Join MASS. It's worth every minute of your time.

Marty and his team put on a masterclass on how to run a high end conference. The Music Academy Success conference event team was warm and every detail was perfect. The learning format fully engaged and drove open interaction and deep learning. I came away completely energized by the experience.

When I decided to retire from studio business coaching to focus 100% of my effort on my online registration software, I made an announcement that shocked more than a few people. I recommended my long-time competitor Marty Fort as the new coach they should use. There are a bunch of people running around claiming to have the answers to help your business.

Some don't even actually run studios anymore. Marty is the guy who has the real experience, wisdom and ethics to really help you reach your goals. If you are on the fence about getting involved with a coaching program, rest assured you are making the right choice with Marty.

When I found MASS online, I was desperate for a way to stop funding my business through my day job and was tired of all the waiting to get my business to be successful. I spent a lot of time crossing my fingers and hoping that things would improve over time. The resources and step by step guides have been incredible and it is so good to network with other people in the same situation. The MASS money math steps have made me much more accountable and best of all, my business is growing.

We use to get 0-6 new students a month. As of today, we are on track to get about 25-30 new students this month after less than 60 days with MASS. I feel like I can breathe again and can’t say thank you enough for bringing back my drive, hope for my music school, and peace of mind!

I used to stress about Summer student drops and having to worry about constant reschedules. I also had no idea how to get more students outside of just word-of-mouth. But now, with MASS, that's all a distant memory!

My experience with MASS has been amazing! Our school has consistently grown and we have enrolled 200+ new students just this year alone, in 2021! Being in the MASS program has been the best thing I could have done to improve our music school.

This program has literally saved me YEARS of trial-and-error trying to figure out how to correctly manage and organize many of the daily issues in our business and the marketing knowledge I have gained is second to none! I personally can't thank Marty enough for his wisdom, guidance, and motivation to help our school become the absolute best that it can be!

In any and every industry there is never a shortage of advisors, teachers, coaches, and consultants but there is almost always a shortage of trustworthy ones. One litmus test is depth of relevant experience, another is current successful experience, and another is proof that they can replicate their success for a significant number of others in their field. Marty Fort qualifies on all three counts. Marty is a smart guy and a top info marketer to the music school industry.

Choosing MASS was the best move we made last year. With their tools and strategies, our home studio of 50 students grew rapidly. We enrolled 30 new students in six months, with 20 signing up in just three months. Now, we're a thriving Academy teaching multiple instruments with a great team. Plus, we now enjoy a steady stream of new leads each month. Thanks, MASS! Our only regret is not joining sooner!

The Music Academy Success conference was one of the best-run conferences I've ever seen. Marty and the leadership team truly thought of everything. The group is clearly driven and enthusiastic about marketing and growth. If you have a music school and you're looking to grow, working with Music Academy Success is a decision you will be VERY happy with.

We can’t say thank you enough to Marty, his amazing staff, and of course the MASSTERS. Because of you, we have been able to take our father’s legacy to new levels. From 250 to 700 in under 3 years with MASS our journey is just getting started. We are truly blessed to be a part of this incredible MASS family!

Marty is the smartest, most innovative coaching, leader, and entrepreneur I've ever had the honor of working with. His ideas have yielded me hundreds of thousands of new revenue yearly. It is critical that you take every chance you can to work with Marty whether it be his seminars or coaching. I continue to work with him and am thankful for his unending insights and support.

We had the biggest revenue in 10 years of MFAA operations during the slowest summer month for our industry. Words cannot express how extremely grateful we are to be part of the MASS Program. I couldn’t fit in one page all the improvements that MASS has made not only for my school but also for me as a person. Marty is a business genius, and I wish I had a coach like him 10 years ago.

I know it’s a cliche but there’s really no other way to say it: MASS has motivated, guided, inspired, and supported my journey to make my dream come true. When I started teaching neighbors and friends, I was 13 years old. I continued to teach for the next 30 years, always thinking in the back of my mind - is this it? Someday I’d like to have my own music school with lots of students and teachers.

If you have the dream to own your own music school - a successful music school - MASS is the only way to do it. You will make friends, colleagues, peers and feel supported, heard, and encouraged every step of the way. MASS changed my life, my 5 children’s lives, and the lives of every single student and teacher at The Kitchener Academy of Music. I’ve never been so grateful to anyone as I am to Marty Fort and MASS.

We have only been with MASS for a short time, but have already experienced a tremendous amount of growth, and I've seen improved efficiency in our studios. I have been impressed from the beginning with the straight-forward approach that Marty gives in his calls. It also can't go without saying how helpful Alexis is. She responds to every question without hesitation, and she is very detailed in her delivery of answering questions. Overall, I have been pleased and impressed with my involvement with MASS.

Before I joined MASS, I felt stuck. My school of music had experienced modest growth. I was in charge of the office, marketing and managing teachers yet not seeing the results I wanted. I was working myself to death. In 2016 when I joining MASS, we had 280 students. Here we are, 5 years later and we have over 700 students, two office staff, a new 4,000 sq ft building and we are considering a second location. MASSive growth comes from being part of the MASS program! Thanks, Marty Fort for helping me reach my dream!

I started as a reluctant Mass member - was a gold member for a year without really doing much with it. After all, I’d had my studio since 2005. Could this Marty guy really know more than me? 2016 we grossed 86K. 2017 (only going full MASS in September of that year) saw an increase to 127K. Closed the books on 2018 grossing 281K!

As many say, MASS works! Its methods, and maybe even more importantly, its people are what helped me have this killer year. Forever grateful!

Marty Fort and his Music Academy Success community and tools have helped hundreds of schools and academy's like yours improve their marketing and advertising efforts. Marty is an avid student of direct response, he's an owner of an academy that makes him uniquely qualified to help you transform your business.

In today's marketplace there are many charlatans who study a course and make big promises to improve your business, even before they have business success. Marty knows how to run a business and he knows how to market. If you're looking for SPEED to improve your music academy, you'll be in good hands with Marty and his team.

In every Industry and niche business there is ONE person who emerges as the "go-to" for expertise. Marty Fort is that person in the Music School Industry. What he has accomplished at his own school is extraordinary and is a model of success for every other school in the world.

MASS gives you the tools and techniques along with proven concepts and strategies that cover every aspect of operating and marketing a successful music studio. Our enrollment has increased by 175% and our income has increased over 300% in the first year of MASS. Joining the MASS team is the best business decision I have ever made. Marty’s personal attention and guidance are first class! Thank you, Marty!

This is the first summer ever that I am not freaking out because of summer dropouts! For every student taking a break, I am quickly replacing them with students I have gained through MASS style marketing. And boy does it feel good!

Our enrollment when we started with MASS was under 300. Since then we have more than doubled that to over 600 and our way to solid 700. Marty and his team are fantastic at helping both small and large music schools grow quickly, if that's what you want. We have met so many wonderful, " like-minded " people at the yearly conferences. The principles and ideas we have learnt over the years are invaluable. So thank you Marty and the MASS system for keeping us motivated, informed and staying ahead the curve.

MASS's sequential system of marketing from the inside out has completely revolutionized how we acquire new students. Easy-to-follow lists and understanding the power of student retention are essential for every music school who wants to reach their ultimate capacity. I HIGHLY recommend.

So proud to announce I have added 115 new students this January, surpassing my personal goal of 50. In one of the most personally challenging months of my life, I woke up and decided to put everything I have into growing the school for 30 days. I have grown the ballet school from zero to 250 students in less than 2 years, and our music side is 300 now putting us over 500 total in under 3 years. It all started with a now coffee-stained MASS blue-book, and I stand today giving complete credit to the system, the mentors and Marty.

I joined MASS in 2014 for my private guitar teaching business, and it brought success in building my private studio to numbers that had eluded me for years. The influence of MASS inspired me to go further and start my own music school, hiring teachers covering numerous instruments, the Westlake Music Academy. We opened with 44 students from my previous business, and today we are sitting at 397. That's an increase of 350 in enrollment in just 2 and a half-years. This kind of massive growth would have been impossible without MASS. I have learned so much from MASS, there simply isn't enough space to go over it in a review. Suffice it to say, it is easily the best investment I have ever made.

I am excited to announce Fall River Arts Academy has set a record for our largest enrollment month yet! December’s numbers are in! 40 enrollments, 16 drops, that’s a gain of 24. When Andrea was at the office staff conference just over a month ago we had 197 active students, right now we’re at 244. Thanks to the direction and motivation you all have given me I now have the ability to do some MASS kicking. 300 here we come!

We started with MASS back in 2015 with 380 students. Taking into consideration all the ups and downs for almost two years of uncertainty during the Pandemic, we are at 530 students today and counting. For the months of September, October and November we signed 172 students. MASS not only helped us to get through this challenging time but built us stronger and more resilient to whatever comes. Thank you, Marty and your incredible team.

Studio space is full on Monday through Thursdays. In March of 2018 when I joined MASS we had 90 students, now, 15 months later we have 196. We have no place to expand here as far as studios go. We plan to accelerate our growth this year with more experience at retention and marketing!

I highly recommend Marty Fort as a speaker and panelist! Marty served as a speaker on the “Entrepreneurial Artists” panel at the South Carolina Arts Commission’s Artist as Entrepreneur Institute. He was at once knowledgeable, realistic and remarkably encouraging. Marty has a clear grasp of the processes and values that have led to his professional success. His willingness to share his experience in a friendly, supportive manner has been incredibly valuable to our students!

My 12-year-old son enjoys cooking. He’s 12, and really enjoys doing things for himself. But yesterday he spilled a boiling pot of noodles for pasta salad he was making on his belly and got 2nd-degree burns. He’ll be ok, and it will heal. Why am I telling you this? Because not 1 thought has been towards my business for 24 hours.

I’ve been able to devote the entirety of my concentration on my son and my family (3 kids). My staff runs the show whether I’m available or not. I work from home these days and they have been well trained. The principles learned in this program enabled my businesss to grow to this point.

Marty’s presentation to the undergraduates was excellent! In his talk, he exposes the underlying mechanics of what’s needed to build a successful career in music. Once one has the requisite technical and artistic skills, knowledge of the extra-musical framework that allows a career to develop can offer a dimension to music study that is often neglected. Students who ignore this put their future in peril!

I am so thrilled with my purchase of MASS for my private piano business, LV Music Academy in New York City. In just the first few days, I have gotten more helpful information and practical tips than I have from any other music business program I have ever taken.

I have gotten so many fresh creative ideas for student retention and growing my clients. I cannot thank you enough and am so looking forward to continuing to learn through MASS and to continue to see all of the many benefits it has for my students and my business.

Well, I had my doubts, but you have given me information that I can use that I wasn’t getting elsewhere or finding on my own. It really only takes one good idea that you can implement to pay for the cost of the program and I found several things that I could put in place right off the bat.

We weathered the covid19 storm thanks to Marty Fort and MASS. We added musical ladder system this year and everyone loves it. Despite occasional set backs we have gone from 12 students when we started with MASS (5 yrs ago) to 270 this year, from 5 teachers to fifteen, from 5 studio rooms to 9. I'm so grateful for marty's mentorship. Our goal is to blow past 300 students this spring. Thanks MASS!

We are excited to announce that after signing up 10 new students on Monday we have broken the 300 mark for a total today of 304. We were at 263 on the 1’st of June. Thank you, Marty and all my Mass family for your support.

I am SO HAPPY to announce that as of Thursday my Academy hit 100 students! I’ve got my recitals booked, all events in place, interviews, and new teachers hired and on stand by. I just got a personal assistant to help me, my school is going to be featured on Philadelphia Fox News this coming Monday (students' performance and short interview), AND I just booked a hotel and airfare for the MASS Conference! I did it - I beat my temporary weakness and getting stronger with each little step forward! thanks for reading it!

One of the universal problems in the private music teaching business is year-round student retention – this especially frustrated us every Summer! Up until this year, every summer we would always shy away from marketing and just expect a huge loss.

This year after following Marty’s approach and detailed lesson plans for running a successful “year-round” school of music, our summer gross profit increased by $31,675.87 – up 14.8% from last June-August. Whether you have a large school with hundreds of students or are an independent teacher – these methods work and have been invaluable to us. Thanks, Marty!

I wanted to share some success that we’ve been having at Santa Teresa Academy of Music and Dance with Facebook. Facebook has always delivered for us on the dance end of things, but our frustration had always been getting new music students. We’d discussed this with Marty on our Diamond calls and he was kind enough to go into our Facebook Ad Manager and create a new, customized audience!

Since then, we’ve started to see better results: 18 music students from Facebook this year. Facebook works, and when it works well, it’s a pond that's hard to beat. Thanks, Marty!

I’m going over my January 2019 numbers and I am ecstatic! We enrolled 77 students and only lost 21. Definitely, a record for TFAA on both enroll and withdrawals for January. We were hoping to crack 500 students, but we actually reached 550. I had to triple check the numbers as I couldn’t believe my eyes.

If I had to attribute to one thing, I would say it is me, staying focused on the goals, focused on the big picture, and taking action to make it happen. I definitely have the stuff to work and improve upon. I just want to keep growing and stay on top in my area. Thank you MASS for giving me the tools to succeed. And thank you to all of you for helping me to see “Yes It is possible to achieve MASSIVE growth”!

I have seen some amazing numbers from MASS members over the years. Sometimes it has been intimidating but always more inspiring. I wanted to share my numbers as well for all to see. We averaged 34K per month in 2018 breaking 400K for the year! Up to 105K over 2016. Thanks, MASS family for all the support.

24 New Students! Beat 2017 February numbers and Feb- ruary isn’t over. Adding additional hours to surpass our current student count (and Academy capacity) of 241.

By adding additional weekend hours our new capacity goal is 300. 300 students here we come! Small numbers to many MASS Owners, however, we only have 4 rooms. Looking for new location so we can join the 500+ MASS Club this year!

At the beginning of December, my studio had reached a low point. 53 students and was not sure how we were going to pay the instructors for the month. My wife and I decided to run the front desk ourselves eliminating our front desk staff.

We are now up to 67 students about to be 71 with this weekend's prospective students. 14 adds and only 3 drops. 2 of which will be returning in March, and had to suspend their account for financial reasons! Here’s to 80 in February which is the highest amount this school has EVER seen!

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