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Music Academy Success® is the largest and most established international business coaching organization that is just for music studio owners since 2008. With over 15 years of experience, we'll show you how to grow your music school, build a music school and get more music students (and fast). We have worked with music schools in the U.S., Canada, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. We offer a cutting edge training program including the latest information with our online and print materials. Many programs are online only. But we have grown to become the industry leader by providing our members with digital audio, video, online courses as well as hard copy print manuals, newsletters and more. Music Academy Success®  members get the best of both worlds and you should too.

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Double and triple their enrollment.

Stop losing students during the summer.

Operate year round instead of on a semester system.

Solve the customer service problem of make-up lessons.

Learn the latest in online marketing including NEW Facebook, Instagram and Google strategies not found in other coaching programs.

Keep teachers from putting their school out of business by taking their students.

Improve student RETENTION and get their students to stay longer.


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My name is Marty Fort and I am the founder of the Music Academy Success® program. For over ten years I have worked with hundreds of music schools on six continents. I help music teachers and music studio owners learn how to get more music students and fast.

Here are the top six reasons that music academy owners and music teachers contact me.

1. You’re already a successful music academy owner who is determined to stay ahead of the competition and you're always looking for new ways to be one step ahead of everybody else.

2. You are losing sleep at night over your enrollment numbers. Either your enrollment numbers are down, or they are not as high as you'd like them to be. I work with music schools that are already successful, with hundreds of students. These school owners know they can continue to grow IF they find the missing pieces. I also work with music schools and solo music teachers who have small studios in their home. Their numbers are smaller, but their situation is the same: They need more students! Whether big music school or small, many of the applicants we see have lost as much as 25 - 50% of their enrollment. They need to get back to a profitable enrollment level and quickly. For well over twelve years I have worked with music schools ranging in size from five students to over 3,000. No matter what your situation is, we have experience working with it.

3. If you have to take one more call from a disgruntled parent, nickel and diming you over a missed lesson by requesting a make-up, even though your music academy policies are crystal clear, you're going to explode!

4. Local competition in your town is increasing daily. You've succumbed to a very common problem in our industry: One of your most trusted teachers has left your school, has taken your students, and is trying to compete against you.

5. You are stressed out and tired. The teachers are driving you nuts, the clients are driving you nuts, and you've said to yourself more than once, "There must be a better way to do this!"

6. You’re just not making enough money. As a business owner you know you could be earning more net profit if you could improve student enrollment and/or student retention. Maybe you've got debt, maybe your bank account is never what it should be, and maybe you've even thought about doing something else.

If any of the above sounds like you, I’ve created a PROVEN, one-of-a-kind system. This is the NEW WAY to operate a stress-free, progressive, and profitable music academy that can and will change your life in 12 months or less!

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Sunday, April 6th - Tuesday, April 8th, 2025
Nashville, Tennessee

Don't miss out on an amazing guest speakers, special networking events, the Faith Belief Action Awards, and the 2025 School of the Year Contest! Not to mention getting to explore Downtown Nashville!

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If you want to get more music students, you can't miss this short documentary about Zeljko Pavlovic, the Director of the Vivaldi Music Academy. When he started with Music Academy Success® he had 5 students. Now he has over 4,000! Get your music studio on the right track today and check out Zeljko's amazing story with very specific details on how he accomplished his success.

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Glendora Music & Arts School

Congratulations to Luis Cordova for winning the MASS National School of the Year award. We had a great press conference and award presentation with his amazing team in Glendora California. The mayor pro tem of Glendora came, tons of certificates from Washington were sent from Congress, lots of love and acknowledgement of his hard work as a leader in music education and serving his community.  He’s gone from 40 - 780 students and the best is yet to come.

Leading Note Studios

Congratulations to Camille Hastings and her entire team at Leading Note Studios in Encinitas, California on being the winners of the Music Academy Success School of the Year Award! Some inspiration for you all, she started MASS with 100 students. Today she has over 800!

Lawrenceville-Suwanee School of Music

Congratulations to Valencia and Ozzy Giles, directors of the Lawrenceville-Suwanee School of Music, on being the winners of the Music Academy Success School of the Year Award! A true "Teacher's Teacher" she's taken her students to perform at Carnegie Hall and the Fox Theater in Atlanta. She has created her own teaching materials and is a powerhouse entrepreneur that any music teacher / studio owner can learn from.

Westminster Arts Academy

Congratulations to the Rios family (Francis, Augustina and Teresa), Directors of the Westminster Arts Academy in Los Angeles for winning the MASS National Music School of the Year Contest! Their awards ceremony was attended by Westminster Mayor Tri Ta, City Council members Charlie Nguyen and Kimberly Ho, and various other government and business officials. Check out their story in the L.A. Times.

Conway Institute of Music

Congratulations to Jim Skelton, Director of the Conway Institute of Music for winning the MASS School of the Year Award! Jim has doubled his enrollment from 80 to over 300 students using the Music Academy Success System! Senator Rapert presented him with an official citation of achievement from the Arkansas Senate that will go in the permanent record of the state house. Check out his feature on the Little Rock Arkansas ABC station here.

Okemos Music Academy

Congratulations to John Dewey, Director of the Okemos Music Academy, Okemos Michigan for winning the MASS School of the Year Award! The Governor of Michigan and other state representatives also presented him with certificates of achievement acknowledging his leadership and success in the Music Academy industry at the Michigan state capital. Check out this article about his award from the Lansing State Journal.

New York Musician's Center

Congratulations to Dr. Talonda Thomas, Director of the New York Musician's Center in Bellmore, New York for winning the MASS School of the Year Award! Nassau County Legislator Steve Rhodes and Hempstead Councilwoman Erin King Sweeney also presented her with certificates of achievement acknowledging her leadership and success in the Music Academy industry. Her students and faculty regularly perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City!

Vivaldi Music Academy

Congratulations to Zeljko Pavlovic and Uma Kundu, Directors of the Vivaldi Music Academy, Houston, Texas for winning the MASS School of the Year Award! Zeljko went from zero students to over 400 in just ten months using the Music Academy Success System! He now has three locations and over 2,000 students. As winners of the contest they also received a check for $1,000! Check out this article about his success in the Houston Chronicle.

Music Academy of Acadiana

Congratulations to Tim Benson, Director of the Music Academy of Acadiana, Lafayette, Louisiana for winning the MASS School of the Year Award! He now has over 500 students and owns the building his school is in. The Mayor of Lafayette Joey Durel also attended his award ceremony as did the Lafayette ABC news station.

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